Tampa residents know all too well that the risk of flood is very well. Life on the water is amazing and every day is certainly refreshing and vibrant. But, there is always a risk of a flood and it is a risk that must be taken seriously. You can take a few steps to help protect your home against a flood and shouldn’t wait any longer to take those steps. It is quiet shocking the amount of flood damage tampa that can be left behind with even a minor rain storm. Imagine the damage that’s left if severe weather rolls around.

A few things to do to ensure that flooding misses your home:

·    Install a sump pump in the basement

flood damage tampa

·    Apply coatings and sealants throughout the home

·    Inspect the roof regularly

·    Make sure all of your electrical outlets are at least one foot above flood level

·    Grade your lawn away from the house to prevent rainwater from seeping into the foundation

·    Install gutters on the home, if they’re not in place already. And, make sure they point away from the house to direct water away in the right manner

·    Install check valves on all your pipes

It is easy to add extra protection to the home to safeguard against flooding. It is worth the extra efforts to protect yourself and your family.

Although flood insurance will not prevent a flood, it does provide peace of mind and protection in the event that your efforts fail and flooding occurs at your property. Flood insurance is not included in the typical homeowners insurance policy, so be sure to talk to your agent about the add-on and stay protected. You can protect your home against a flood, but when Mother Nature calls, there’s really nothing that will stop her path. Flood insurance keeps you financially protected.